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A channel just relays information they get from another source. There is no guarantee that it is 100% accurate because channeling is an art not an exact science, and the channels do the best job they can, yet are only human. The role of the receiver is to validate the information given. If it feels incorrect or incomplete, it may turn out to be so, though often channeled information winds up becoming more accurate three to six months down the road. But channeling information should not be taken on faith, validation by you is very important.


Choosing a channel is like choosing a stone for healing or enlightenment, one should choose a channel that makes you "feel" right about your choice. There are no best channels or best way, each has their own feel and does their best to pass along the information they get in a session.


You need to choose one that fits what you need. MEF has two channels, JP Van Hulle and Mike North. JP was one of the first Michael channels and has been channeling for over 30 years. Mike starting channeling 20 years ago and has been doing it full time for several years.




For JP Van Hulle, contact Sandi at (707) 748-7715

For Mike North, contact him at (925) 236-2296


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