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The Michael Educational Foundation (MEF) gives you access to the channeled teachings of the entity Michael...a wise, loving, and sometimes humorous look at how the universe works and how we all fit into the grand web of sentient intelligence. Michael's teachings cover everything from the most spiritual and macro-cosmic perspective of metaphysical laws to the more mundane daily aspects of life, including the role each of us agrees to play here and the personality traits we choose to operate instinctively from during each of our lifetimes.


The Michael System of knowledge is a way of living based on an understanding of a system of personality traits and the roles we play as well as our agreements and self-karmas. Through study and practice individuals, using this system, can better understand themselves, their relationships and how they fit into the world.The Michael Teaching exists not only to satisfy our curiosity, but also to increase our knowledge and understanding of the truth and allow us to improve our relations with the rest of humanity.


As Michael says, "Understanding leads to tolerance and, ultimately, to acceptance and love....a lesson all of humanity can benefit from!"


Established in 1983, MEF was the first organization to make the teachings of Michael available to the public. From the beginning, we have been committed to providing the highest quality channeled information possible, to supporting Michael students in their personal development, and to promoting a sense of community within the Michael Teaching. Whether you're a new or an old student of Michael, our goal is to consistently offer you the clearest and most focused information Michael intends to bring forward.

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For daily insights and inspiration from Michael, suscribe to JP Van Hulle's Cosmology and Metaphysics Blog: Words of Wisdom from Michael


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