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How do you decide, on an essence level, whom to make Agreements with, and with whom to form Karma? Who will be your parents, relatives, teachers, major imprinters, and friends? Naturally, the majority of your relationships will be with the members of your entity and, beyond that, with the members of your cadre―the group of seven entities, including yours, that form Agreements to do Physical Plane lessons together. But among those nearly 8,500 fragments, there are a few dozen who will be in your lives again and again: your Essence Twin, your Task companion(s), fragments with whom you have agreed to do Monads, and your particular Support Circle and other groups.


Two of the major relationships you can have are with your Essence twin and your Task companion(s). They usually wind up in your life, lifetime after lifetime. Most people who have Essence Twins or Task Companion(s) are with them for two‑thirds to three‑quarters of their lifetimes. Your Essence Twin and your Task Companion(s) are people you end up dealing with in an intimate fashion, as your mate, in your family or in your circle of close friends


Your Essence Twin comes to the planet at the exact same moment you do your very first lifetime on the Physical Plane during a cycle, so you have exactly the same planetary time of experience. Often, in that first lifetime, you are identical twins or babies born at the same moment. Usually you are not in the same Soul Entity, and usually you are not the same Role. Your twin is born into most every lifetime with you, near you, or around the time you are born so that you have a similar history together. If you were in Greece in 40 B.C. and Mesopotamia in 10,000 B.C., your twin was probably there, too.


That is the technical definition of an Essence Twin but, after lifetimes of experience together, a twin comes to mean much more than that. Your Essence Twin becomes a person who is the other side of your coin. She is like a mirror image of yourself, with all the lessons that this can bring up for you. She mirrors your flaws for you extremely well. She often has similar or corresponding flaws. Your twin knows you well and can see what goes on for you just as you can see what goes on for her. Nothing is hidden, everything is disclosed, and has to be dealt with because you cannot ignore issues in her presence. There is an inability in this relationship to let things lie if your twin does see something wrong or that you are not handling―or you see that in her. The nature of the relationship is to focus attention on where each other is growing and also where you are not doing what you have set up.


This does make for a more difficult relationship. A lot of Essence Twins are terrifying to one another because the relationship is so intimate that it brings up all the things they don't want to look at. Sometimes twins get to know one another very intensely for a while and then draw back. It may be that they only see one another once every few years. Or they may run in the opposite direction, only knowing each other for a short time in that lifetime and then never meeting again. But usually your Essence Twin will stick around in your life and work out some kind of compatible relationship with you. Older Souls can often work out a compatible, friendly, intimate, and loving relationship with their Essence Twins, even marrying them or having a very close parent/child relationship.


Often familial Essence Twin relationships are the ones that work out the best. It is difficult to desert your family, so you have to stick around and work the intensity out. You work out your intimacy issues quite well by the time you have 18 or so years to grow up together. In earlier times, it was easier to work out your relationship with your Essence Twin because people did not have the same mobility; they did not leave their tribes or their own little communities. When humans lived in small villages of only a few hundred people, you could not avoid any members of your community―you had to work out how you were going to get along. In this society, it is easier to escape.


Having an Essence Twin gives you more variety of experience on the Physical Plane due to bleed-through―you take on some of the qualities of your twin, after many, many lifetimes, through Astral sharing, your intimate connection, and the energetic link between the two of you. You "borrow" from her Essence qualities and sometimes even her Overleaves for a particular lifetime, depending on your physical proximity. By the time you are a Young Soul, the bleed-through is so strong that even if you haven't met the person yet but she is on the planet this lifetime, you are already using some of her qualities in your personality, and vice versa. Once you have met, there is a big increase in the bleed-through.


It is a good learning experience to have an Essence Twin. Some people are really attached to their Essence Twins and feel that it is the best, most intimate relationship and has the greatest potential of anything they have experienced on the planet. About 1% percent of people on this planet choose not to have an Essence Twin. People without Essence Twins have arranged a cycle where they are going to be more independent and rely on themselves. There is often a sexual draw between Essence Twins, even if the person is older, younger, the same sex, or not normally someone who would physically attract you. The reason for this sexual draw is that it pulls essence twins together. The exception is a lifetime where Essence Twins have arranged deliberately for that not to be so (usually by having a familial relationship, for instance). 




Everyone has at least one Task Companion. This relation­ship is about getting together like two oxen under the same yoke and performing one or many tasks together. A Task Companion relationship is very compatible, without a lot of arguing, bickering or dealing with intense (karmic) issues. Task Companions make great business partners and good marriage partners. They are good at investing with one another. It is a very enjoyable type of relationship with less agony and incompatibility than other relationships. It does not have as much intensity to it nor does it wind up being as karmic as an Essence Twin relationship.


You start out your first lifetime on the planet with one person as your Task Companion, usually someone you have known from a previous cycle (an entire Circle of Experience) who is in your cadre again, although not necessarily in your same entity. Down through the centuries, as you progress through your cycle, you pick other Task Companions with whom you work well on an Essence level. Often, by the time you reach Old Soul level, you have developed four or five Task Companions.


There is less of a chance for incompatibility between Task Companions because they are so productive together that usually their minds and talents dovetail very well. As long as Task Companions have something to do together, they like being around one another. Sometimes, however, Task Companions who do not choose a long-term task (such as a marriage or familial relationship) will lose touch with one another. If they do not have any tasks to do together or they complete the tasks they had set up, they must decide on other tasks or the relationship loses meaning.

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