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"Michael" is the name given to an entity of spiritual guidance, comprised of 1050 Souls; a group who have had many lifetimes of experience here on earth.



They now teach from a higher plane, which we refer to as the Causal Plane. Working through Channels worldwide, Michael speaks to us with great wisdom, compassion and humor, giving us the insight of their own experience, and acting as a mentor and guide in our everyday lives. 


Michael has a unique way of bringing a cosmic perspective to our most challenging problems by reminding us of why we are here, what we are trying to accomplish and how to get there. The tools given to us by Michael have helped thousands of people transform their lives to be happier and more productive, and mostly to gain a loving acceptance of their innermost natures. Michael's goal for us is that we reach a level of self-acceptance and trust that allows us to act as more loving individuals during our cycle of experience on this planet.

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Michael not only supports us with our day-to-day challenges, giving us guidance and pointing out opportunities but he also provides us with a wonderful system for self-understanding. According to Michael, we agree to come into each lifetime with a basic Essence Role that we play to best support the world around us. In addition to this Role, we have numerous Overleaves, or personality traits we choose to play from. This mixed bag of personal goals, attitudes, etc., along with our societal and parental upbringing make us the unique beings we are.

Your own Role and Overleaves give you strong tendencies to think, feel and process in ways that can be harmonious or disharmonious to others around you. We have found it enormously useful over the years to know one's Role and Overleaves and those of friends, relatives and coworkers. Knowledge of what makes us think, feel and behave the way we do always leads to better understanding and greater acceptance and love for others. It is important to note that the Role and Overleaf System does not exist to judge or compartmentalize us into boxes. People are too complex to ever be considered mere handfuls of personality traits. This system exists to point out to us common unconscious tendencies or "knee-jerk" reactions that come from deep within. 


Your Role reflects who you are, in your most intimate values, abilities, and beingness. It can be somewhat obscured by cultural values as well as parental and social conditioning. Because of this you may appear to be just like your parents. But when you look through this layer of conditioning, your true nature emerges and your Role becomes more apparent. For this reason, your Role becomes most noticeable after substantial life experience, usually by the mid-thirties.

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