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Although the Overleaf System, or personality, is the machine that Essence creates to carry out the Physical Plane Karmas and Agreements planned for the lifetime, the Focused/Creative Energy Balance and the Frequency of the individual Essence lend a certain flavor to the quality of those experiences. Energy Balance and Frequency are not Overleaves, but like the role, they are characteristics that Essence carries from life to life. 



("Male" energy) has a tendency to focus more strongly and directly to a particular point—like a speeding locomotive. It goes from point A to point B. Focused Energy helps you to be more productive and look at one thing at a time. It is more persevering and directed. You can use your focused energy to memorize something for a test or to stick with a boring and monotonous task for a long time but still pay attention. Focused Energy keeps you aware that you are in a body. In the negative pole, Focused Energy can look too much at the goal without considering any of the side issues—just blundering along on a path, not noticing other details. In this way, it can appear to be blinded or uninformed. Focused Energy can get too concentrated on one little spot and not notice everything it needs to notice. Focused Energy is logical, agile, grounded, stable, and connected to manufacturing and good craftsmanship.



("Female" energy) is diffuse and explosive. It has a volcanic force to it. Because of its explosiveness, you don't know where it is going to go. Even though people tend to think focused energy is more formidable because it can be directed right at them, creative energy can actually be surprisingly intense; it is more dynamic. Creative energy can feel "lighter" than focused energy because it is not all concentrated on one point. However, this is a false feeling—neither energy is "lighter" or "heavier." It is also literally creative, artistically expressive, compassionate, and connected to organic, living things. People with a high amount of creative energy have a tendency to see the big picture rather than bothering as much with details; they are able to notice five or six things at once and handle a lot of cycles at one time. In the negative pole, creative energy can look less dependable because it can be going in a lot of different directions at once. When it is used inappropriately it can be non‑prioritizing and chaotic because of the huge volume of information creative energy can handle at one time.



Everything in the Universe that has an energy has a focused component and a creative component, sometimes also referred to as male and female. A body without an Essence would be higher in the energy that matches its sex; i.e., a male body would be focused and a female body would be creative. This is noticeable in animals because they (for the most part) are not sentient. In humans, however, this bodily tendency is overwhelmed by the energy components of the essence in that body. Most people will fall into the category of between 40 to 60 percent of either Focused or Creative Energy. This is the most comfortable mix. A person with this mix will be in balance and tend to have a balanced amount of lives as male and female as well. If you have high amount of Focused Energy (more than 60 percent) however, you have a tendency to like to have more male lifetimes; those with a high amount Creative Energy tend to be female more often.


People with more extreme amounts of Focused or Creative Energy are very noticeable, whether they are in a male or female body. It is more comfortable to be in the middle range and it is more comfortable to be around someone in the middle range of focused/creative mix. High creative energy can be exhausting to be around while high Focused Energy can feel very piercing or ponderous. If you've chosen to be more than 60 percent Focused or Creative Energy, you've chosen it as an additional challenge to deal with in your Physical Plane lifetimes. There is an overall balance of Focused/Creative Energy on the planet; averaging the percentage of Focused/Creative Energy of the entire population on the planet at any one time will yield a ratio of 50 to 50.



The rate of speed at which your Essence vibrates. This rate has nothing to do with the individual body that the Essence is in. However, your body, because it is housing the Essence, starts to express your Essence's frequency the longer you live in that body. Essence vibrates like a musical note. Essence is a piece of energy and that piece of energy can be compared to a note played on a piano or a violin string. Some notes sound like, "boom‑boom‑boom;" others sound like, "beep‑beep‑beep. " You can actually feel the frequency of other people on an energetic level. With frequency, as with focused/creative energy mix, more people tend toward the center. However, with frequency there are a lot more extremes. About 50 percent of the people are in the middle of the frequency scale, which is measured from zero to 100. However, 25 percent are lower than 40 and 25 percent are higher than 60.


When you are around a lower frequency person, it feels calmer and mellower, even if the person is not calm and mellow. It can feel slower, sluggish, deeper, heavier, more ponderous. And all that can be an illusion. Those with lower frequency often move more slowly and look like they have more thought behind their actions even if they do not. The intensity of a low frequency person can be compared to the intensity of a stalking hunter. High frequency is often dizzying, buzzy, feverish, scattered, out of the body, and frenetic. Those with high frequency tend to move quickly, talk faster, zip and buzz around the room. They look like they have more energy. However, there is no correlation between the amount of energy and frequency; it is just a different way of expressing that energy.


Priests and Artisans tend to have higher frequency. Sages, Servers, Scholars, and Kings vary between high and low. Warriors tend to have lower frequency. As with focused and creative energy, the entire population averages out to a frequency of 50. Extremely high and low frequency are even more uncomfortable to be around than high/low focused and creative energy.


You cannot change your focused/creative energy balance. You can use more of one or the other for a particular occasion: for example, you can pull on whatever creative energy you have if a situation requires a creative rather than a focused solution, even if you have a high percentage of focused energy. This is referred to aswearing more of your creative (or focused) energy "on top." However, your basic balance remains the same. With frequency, on the other hand, people are constantly trying to match each other's balance every minute, not just for a special occasion. You can lower or heighten your frequency by about 20 to 30 points at any time. You do this to be more comfortable around people of other frequencies. Nevertheless, it would be difficult for a person who has a frequency of 20 and someone with a frequency of 90 to get to each others' comfort zones.


You are most comfortable when allowed to revert to your natural frequency level. In sexual relationships, opposites in frequency and focused/creative energy balance often attract. The energies may be difficult to blend, but they do balance each other out, in an explosive sort of way. Someone who has the same or close to the same frequency or focused/creative energy balance will give you a comfortable feeling. Essence Twins often have inverse amounts of focused/creative energy and frequency. Each person keeps whatever balance of energy and frequency that it decided to bring to the planet in the first time throughout the entire cycle of lifetimes.

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