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"We are an 'entity' of 1,050 Souls who lived out our Physical Plane lives on Earth.

We have completed our lessons on the Physical Plane and have moved through the Astral Plane to the Causal Plane where we now reside and teach.

We use the name "Michael" since that is the name of the last 'fragment' of our entity group to live on the planet. The teaching we give you is the truth as we see it from the point of view of the Causal Plane. Our teacher is the Infinite Soul.


This teaching is made available on those planets which are undergoing intense transitions in the content of their awareness (soul perception) and in the structure of their civilizations. The planet Earth is now undergoing such a transition. We have made ourselves available to you in order to facilitate this planetary shift and to awaken those souls who are ready for a more advanced level of soul perception.



This universe of which you are a part is a highly‑structured, living organism, whose goal is the accumulation of new experiences that aim toward growth and self‑knowledge. This is its bottom-line purpose, as we know it. The universe is structured as a highly organized game plan that allows for growth and expansion along the parameters it created for itself at the time of the game's conception. The structure of this game has a beginning and an end. When it has fulfilled its usefulness, it will complete itself and flip over into a new structure.


We are giving you information regarding the structure of this universe so that you can more fully understand the part you play and your relationship to the whole. We are also giving you knowledge to show you where you are on the circle of experience. Having this knowledge, and using it in your life, facilitates your Essence and personality in its growth. This teaching is not a religion and is not meant to be taken at face value. This information does not require your belief in order to be valid. What we do require is that you validate for yourself from this material what part you can use and what part you cannot. Blind faith will not help you grow, but verification and application of those principles that work for you will.



We, like yourselves, are on a path of self-discovery. We do not know everything because we have not yet recombined with the total consciousness of the universe. We are, however, able to offer the experiences of an entity who has completed its Physical and Astral Plane lessons and has complete memory of those lives and experiences. We are individually connected to each of our students, i.e., to those who have agreed to work with us. We assist you by means of that connection to the degree that you are willing to be open to it and listen to it. We work not only with individuals, but also with groups of students who are handling similar lessons. For those who have agreed to work with us in groups, we provide the energy and the lessons; you provide the experience.



We teach through mediums or 'Channels' - people who agree to set themselves aside long enough for us to say what we want to say through them. One of the values of teaching through Channels is that each one develops his or her own particular specialty and ability to channel truth, love, or energy from us and from the universe.


Having a variety of Channels with different talents, who are not necessarily going to receive exactly the same information, is one way of keeping this teaching from becoming dogmatic. Another element of this teaching is that there is no visible authority. We believe that humans have evolved to the point where they can take charge of their own lives, rather than give that authority over to others. We seldom give advice. We have found through our experience that souls grow most quickly through their own guidance, rather than modeling themselves after another. What we do give you is the ability to see the greater possibilities. We also offer you methods of studying your Essence and personality so they may develop to their fullest extent.



We recognize all paths to spiritual growth as valid. In this teaching, there is no right or wrong, good or bad; those concepts are purely Physical Plane inventions. What we recognize is that everyone grows at his or her own pace. We merely state things as we see them. We also recognize that the experiences of the Physical Plane are as valid as the experiences of other planes of existence. Being on the Physical Plane involves agreeing to forget yourself as a telepathically connected part of the Universal Mind and experience separateness in order to grow. Separateness encourages growth. As you become an older Soul and complete your lessons on the Physical Plane, you begin to drop your sense of separateness. At that point, you prepare for the next cycle of lessons, which are on the Astral Plane.


This teaching presents the concept that all of life is a circle or spiral of experience and that no point on the circle is better than any other. Each point is merely a different perspective with a different lesson behind it. We are all equally part of the whole or the Tao, regardless of our degree of awareness. The role of a teacher is really to remind you of what you already know.


In some teachings, one advances by rejecting the physical. In this teaching, there is no point at which you become 'enlightened,' because enlightenment is a state of awareness and you can always increase your awareness.


We encourage our students to be aware of their physical existence as well as their spiritual balance and integrate the various aspects of who they are in order to experience themselves more fully. We also train them to have those ‘enlightened’ moments of perception more often while they are functioning in their normal lives."

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