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Although all soul ages are represented on this planet, it is populated mostly with late level Young Souls and early level Mature Souls. The time is ripe for many of the souls here to change levels in their soul perception. As the shift progresses, many of those late Young Souls will move into Mature Soul perceptivity. Now that the largest percentage of souls on this planet are early mature, we are shifting into truly becoming a planet of early Mature Soul consciousness, which is vastly different from the Young Soul consciousness that has predominated, at least in developed countries, for hundreds of years.
The Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 marked the point in history when the percentage of Mature Souls alive on the planet surpassed Young Souls for the first time. Since that date there have been consistently more Mature Souls than Young Souls here on earth, making us a Mature Souled planet. Accordingly, since that time, we have experienced huge technological, political and economic transformation and upheaval. Over the next few centuries, as civilization adapts to the new Mature Soul consciousness, more and more radical changes will occur. This shift has been 200 years in developing, and is going to take at least 300 years to complete. Because a planetary shift is such an interesting phenomenon, many souls wish to be here on the Physical Plane at this time in order to experience and facilitate it. That is one of the reasons for the population boom in the last 200 years. A second reason of great interest is that the Infinite Soul is likely to manifest in the near future in order to guide the planet in its shift. There are many opportunities for spiritual advancement during this time, and souls wish to be here to experience that growth, not relaxing on the Astral Plane. There was also a rush to be born by the last Infant Souls to come to planet earth before new souls would no longer be accepted.
Because most areas of the world are populated with Young Souls, the predominant cultures are structured and imprinted according to Young Soul values. Young Souls value success and competency over the development of emotional or spiritual arenas. They also see the world from the point of view of a black‑and‑white, good‑and‑bad, right‑or‑wrong mentality. This mentality is easily viewed in the predominant political systems. Most of television and mass media also reinforce this Young Soul perception. Because people are strongly imprinted by their parents and their culture, older souls have a hard time manifesting at their appropriate soul perceptions and tend to become stuck at early levels. The primary unconscious perspective that people of all soul ages share while in a Young Soul environment, is that the world is a hierarchical place, with a few ambitious privileged souls in power ruling the masses. It is the vertical, or pyramidal, monarchical view of human society and development.
Those late level Young Souls who are approaching mature perceptivity will vary between trying to see themselves as right and at the same time feeling that those strangers over there are also recognizable human beings like themselves who deserve to be treated as such. So it is a painful transition as the world opens itself to being more emotionally connected and begins to drop old authority patterns of "might equals right." These changes will be reflected in government and economic structures, in the basic values of civilizations, and in changing social structures and family relationships. Mature Souls also deal with each other on a group level, rather than from a sole authority, so Mature- Soul governments and businesses will organize themselves around group structures rather than hierarchies of authority. This more horizontal, equality-based, rule-by-consensus societal model takes quite a bit of adjustment and experimentation. Although, it eventually leads to a cessation of war, racism and sexism, it is a difficult transition to make while all of the younger (and infant and baby) souls still on the planet resist such a change and create backlash scenarios, especially politically. The Russians of the last century trading in the Czar for the communist party was an experiment in moving from a Young Soul dominant culture to a Mature Soul culture for instance, and history has proven that further experimentation is necessary.
While a majority of souls are shifting from Young to Mature, souls at other levels will also shift to higher perceptions. So, Infant Souls will be moving to Baby Souls, and those primitive areas of the world in which Infant Souls tend to congregate will be civilizing themselves into more structured societies. Baby Souls will be moving to Young Souls, and structured societies will be becoming more independent, productive, and materialistic. You can see a massive movement in this direction in China and India at the moment. Most of the Baby Souls on the planet at this time reside in those two countries and they are both moving into Young Soul consciousness. Those who are already mature will find the world a more comfortable place in which to experience mature perceptivity, as this way will be more respected. Some of those Mature Souls will move to Old Souls, where they will learn to detach from the Physical Plane and begin to teach what they have learned here to others.
As of the turn of the century, this planet is no longer accepting brand new Infant Souls. It is too hard for them to adjust to the maturity of the bulk of humanity now. Eventually, those Infant Souls already on the planet will mature and more Old Souls will cycle off the planet, having completed their Physical Plane lessons. At some point in human development, probably a few hundred years from now, we will begin to make contact with and relate to other sentient beings from other planets—extra-terrestrials. What is required for extra-terrestrials to be in contact with us (there are many who visit the planet "on the sly" now) is for humans to have advanced enough to not want to kill and/or dissect the first extra-terrestrials we meet and have proven that we can stop committing physical attacks on one another in a wholesale way (war). Humans would need to be less aggressive, so we will probably be mid‑mature cycle before that happens. 
Toward the end of the cycle, there will be mostly Old Souls remaining and the planet will move to Old Soul perceptivity. At that time, the planet will begin to take a more metaphysical attitude toward life. People will learn to develop those powers and psychic abilities that currently are not widely accepted and that they learn as children to repress. It will be at least 5,000 years before the last Old Soul humans cycle off. That is a relatively short amount of time, considering the first Infant Soul humans were seeded on this planet over a million years ago. There is a geometric progression in the spiritual development of the human race because of the influence of the vast quantity of Old Souls on the Young Souls. When the last human has completed her lives on the Physical Plane, the use of this planet by humans is then complete. The planet can then be used by other sentient creatures who have either developed here or who have been seeded here from some other planet, if that is desired.


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