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As you pass through the planes on the circle, you recombine with the rest of your Entity, then with other Entities, becoming more and more merged with the total consciousness of the Universe. You slowly release the separateness that you took on in order to experience the Physical Plane as you learn to accept and tolerate others as being part of yourself. In the "higher" planes (Mental, Messianic and Buddhaic), you are in contact with the Tao: first intellectually; then emotionally; and, finally, energetically, becoming part of the Tao itself. Although our present experiences are on the Physical Plane, it is useful to study the purpose of the other planes in order to get a perspective on the structure of the universe—and to learn something about the lessons of entities who might be our teachers.




The Physical Plane, the first of the planes, is where you experience solidity, separateness, and forgetfulness. You agree to forget your past experiences here in order to experience something new. Most of our discussion deals with the phenomena of the Physical Plane.



The Astral Plane is where you recombine with the other members of your Soul Entity and deal with emotional lessons. It is also where you begin to experience true sexuality, i.e., the complete combining of two or more Essences in thought, feeling, and being. You are in complete contact with your Essence Twin on the Astral Plane where you share all your experiences between lives.


The first level of the Astral Plane, the Bardo, is where your consciousness can go when you are asleep, traveling out of your body, and where you await birth and traverse through after death. People in great stress at the time of death, sometimes become stuck in the Bardo and become the spirits that have not fully crossed over that people experience as ghosts. The second level of the Astral Plane is where we reside between lifetimes of a cycle, reviewing what we have learned from a just completed life, and planning what we will do next, choosing potential parents, and connecting and exchanging knowledge with friends and loved ones who are also between lifetimes. We rest here, and learn to be emotionally supportive of others who are going through these transitions. The third level of the Astral Plane is where you go when you are "cycled off," after having completed the Physical Plane. This is the level from which you contact your healing masters, guides, and those in your entity who have completed their Physical Plane experiences. Those on the lower levels of the Astral Plane learn how to contact those who are still on the Physical Plane, and assist us in our growth.


After all the members of a particular entity have cycled off, they move to the higher levels of the Astral Plane where they work on combining consciousness with each other. This is where you truly begin to shed the ego which keeps you separate from others. When the entity is completely recombined, it can move on to the Causal Plane.



On the Causal Plane you have the first direct contact with the Akashic Record. By tapping into that plane, you learn intellectual lessons regarding the structure of the universe. You teach astral beings in order to assist them in their emotional lessons. You also tap into the Physical Plane to give intellectual assistance to those on that plane. Your entity learns to operate as one consciousness and begins sensing its relationship with other entities.


On the higher levels of the Causal Plane, an entity chooses one other entity as an "Essence Twin Entity," sometimes an entity with which it has many essence twin connections. The combination of these two entities pushes the recombined entity toward the Mental Plane. The entity Michael teaches from the Causal Plane.





The Akashic Record exists solely for the purpose of record keeping. It is an energetic "computer" which stores all experience in the Universe. It provides a place where the memories of everything that happens: all thoughts, emotions and physical experiences are stored and can be looked up later for reference. The Akashic Record is that neutral place that observes the games that take place on the other planes and provides a reference source which entities on the other planes can tap into. In a sense, it is the instinctive center for the universe as a whole. The instinctive center in the human body remembers and records all experiences from life to life. The Akashic Record remembers all experiences in the universe from its conception to its completion. When the Universe completes its cycle and is ready to spin off a new "baby" Universe, it is given a copy of the Akashic Record as its parent's "seed." Thus, one of the purposes of the Akashic Record is to provide for the procreation of the Universe as a whole.




On the Mental Plane, you have direct intellectual contact with the Tao. You continue combining with other Essences and Soul Entities to experience the total merging of being. On this plane, you have an intellectual perception of the whole. You recognize truth objectively. Lao Tsu was a manifestation of the Infinite Soul who taught from this plane.



The Messianic Plane is where you experience total unconditionality and love toward other beings. The largest amount of blending and combining of entities occurs on this plane. You have direct emotional perception of the Tao. Your group of entities continues combining until it reaches the level of about 100,000 Souls, recombining the entire energy ring of consciousness that you arrived to the Physical Plane with, the point at which consciousness begins to grasp the infinity of the Universe. At that point you move on to the Buddhaic Plane. Jesus Christ was a manifestation of the Infinite Soul teaching from the Messianic Plane.



The Buddhaic Plane is where you merge with the totality of the Universe on an energetic level. On the lower levels of the Buddhaic, you combine with all other Souls at your level of that plane. On the higher levels of this plane, you combine with all the non‑sentient matter of the Universe, which is also part of the Tao, including plants and animals, the planets, the suns, and the spaces in between. In the final levels of the Buddhaic, you combine with the total consciousness of the Tao and merge with it completely, while keeping your individual memories intact. Buddha was a manifestation of the Infinite Soul teaching from the Buddhaic Plane.


When you return to the Tao, you have completed the cycle that began with the Physical Plane. You can remain there indefinitely, but at any point you have the opportunity to begin another cycle. Those who do go on to new cycles most often choose to experience the Physical Plane from the point of view of a different Essence Role, in another Entity, with a different Essence Twin, and on a different planet. This variety gives you and the Universe depth of experience. According to Michael, the average number of cycles completed by human beings (fragments) on this planet, prior to becoming human, is three.

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