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Each being develops a Support Circle during their cycle of lives on the Physical Plane; the Essences they work with most closely from life to life fill the supporting positions of that circle; each person develops a primary circle and then at least two secondary circles.


In any particular life when the Essence has not met all the members of the primary circle (those Essences it works with best), members of the second or third circles can fill the gaps. Having a Support Circle means that an Essence has developed close relationships with other fragments and has reached a level of maturity in which it is willing to receive support from others. For this reason, a complete Support Circle will not usually coalesce until the Mature Soul cycle. At an earlier Soul Perceptivity, the Essence is less willing to give others the amount of trust necessary to rely on them for support in different areas and chooses self‑reliance instead.

There are 13 positions in the Support Circle, and 12 of those positions are filled by the supporting fragments. The 13th position is taken by the person being supported and corresponds to the Power Position; you are the person in power in your own support circle because you are in control of how you are getting supported in your life and how you use these other people to make sure that you are taken care of.








Most people, even those of older Soul age, really only allow themselves to be supported by two or three people―a mate (who could be someone who is not even in your support group, but rather a karmic connection), a child, and one parent. To really open up to your support group means to be willing to have more people know you, understand you, see who you really are (on both a personality and Essence level), and support you in your greater life task.


If you do not have your support group around you, it is not necessarily because your support people have not shown up in your life yet, but may simply be that you cannot allow their support. Or it may be that they have not shown up because, unwilling to be supported, you have not pulled them in energetically. On an energetic level, you may not even realize that support is possible. If you do not learn to use your support group, then you are not able to understand and achieve real intimacy with others. You will not have enough of the varying types of support you need to feel like a person who has something valuable to give to society and others. You wrap too much energy into taking care of yourself to have the energy to go out and be prosperous on different levels such as having really good relationships and friendships, having all of the material goods you want in your life, or having a healthy relationship with your own inner self.


The extent to which you are willing to be supported is an indication of your prosperity in the various areas of your life: career/productivity; familial relationships; relationships with friends; and spirituality.
It is also a measure of your self‑love.



The person in your love position teaches you the most about love. She supports you by allowing you to love her and by being willing to love you in return for who you are. This is not necessarily someone with whom you have a sexual relationship.


In your knowledge position is someone you can generally rely on for accurate information. She will be willing to provide you with the "know‑how"  and resources to assist you in your life. She will also be willing to give you information and feedback that could help you know yourself.



You rely upon your compassion position to be understanding and supportive of you in good times as well as in crisis. Your compassion position is someone who will be willing to see your point of view and yet will be able to give you a sense of objectivity about yourself.



Your mentor is someone to whom you can go for advice, counsel, and wisdom. She is often someone older than you who has already experienced what you are going through now.



Your beauty position is someone who brings beauty into your life and represents beauty for you. It may be someone who is beautiful in your eyes or who brings to your attention the beauty in the world.



Your child position is someone who gives you the experience of parenting. Around that person you are the planner, the protector, the one who takes responsibility. She is not necessarily your own child or even someone younger than yourself, although it is likely that in many lifetimes she has literally been your child.



Your humor position brings humor into your life, either by being amusing to you or by pointing out the lighter side of life to you. Some people who are experts at being in this position become professional comedians and, thus, fill this slot for a larger audience.


Your discipline position provides you with the opportunity to be disciplined and also points out where you need self‑discipline. This could be in the form of someone actively reminding you to be disciplined or it could be someone who evokes your need to control yourself because you find her difficult to handle.



Your anchor provides you with stability and grounding. She is someone you feel you can rely on to be there, solid and stable, when you need her.


Your healer is someone you can trust to heal you physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally. Your healer may be someone who specializes in the healing arts in many lifetimes or merely someone whose presence heals you.



The person in your enlightenment position puts you most often into higher centers and therefore "lightens" your life. This position will sometimes be filled by someone who is being a spiritual teacher this life, or by someone who is no longer alive, but whose memory or writings puts you in touch with truth, love and beauty. Most often it is a friend around whom you touch into higher centers frequently and get inspired.



Your muse is whatever you have devoted yourself to in this life. It is not necessarily represented by a person but can be a concept or ideal. For example, liberty, justice, happiness, God and success are often‑chosen muses in this society. When your muse position is a person, you will have the tendency to put that person on a pedestal and not want to look at her faults.



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