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Although Body Type is not part of the personality and, therefore, technically not one of the Overleaves, choosing a Body Type is similar to choosing an Overleaf; it is chosen Astrally and in some way will facilitate the Lessons and Karmas for that particular life. The Body Type works together with Astrology to determine the predominant planetary influences which will affect the personality. However, the effect of Astrology and Body Type is less than that of the Overleaves in that their effect can be neutralized somewhat by becoming aware of their workings. The Body Type will influence personality traits, physical characteristics (strengths and weaknesses), and psychological tendencies, including emotional and intellectual capacities. Your Body Type is often chosen as a self‑karma or to facilitate Karmas with others. Many Essences will choose favorite Body Types during a particular Physical Pane cycle.


The Universe is divided up into orders of magnitude or layers of worlds within worlds, each of which reflects the unity of the whole. The Universe as a whole can be viewed as a hierarchy of laws upon laws. Humans are microcosms that mirror the greater cosmos of the Universe. Thus there are seven Body Types which correspond to the sun, moon, and the five closest planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. These seven Body Types, like Overleaves, divide into three Exalted Types, three Ordinal Types, and one Neutral Type.


These seven "heavenly bodies" also correspond to the glandular or regulatory systems in the human organism. Each of the major glands is keyed magnetically to the emanations of a particular planet and is subject to its influence astrologically. If all the glands were perfectly balanced, the influence of the five planets and the sun and moon would be harmonious. However, when you choose a Body Type, you choose to be subject to a dominant glandular influence, in which one or more of the glands is more active than the others. When one gland predominates, you are said to fall into that particular type, and it is named according to the ruling planet for that particular gland. Because of the increased activity of one or more glands, you take on the physical and psychological characteristics which correspond to the increased output of those glands.


Most fragments will choose a body that comes under the influence of two or more body types. For example, the body can be 70 percent Venusian, 20 percent Mercurial, and 10 percent Lunar. Pure body types are rare and are found mainly in mythology, fairy tales, or archetypes. The Body Type(s) essence chooses will "progress" over the lifetime or lifetimes in the following order: Lunar, Venusian, Mercurial, Saturnian, Martial, Jovian, and Solar. Lunar is the most "immature" type and Jovian the most "advanced." With this progression, the Body Type(s) you start out with will move towards the characteristics of the next in line. Every Essence gives itself the opportunity to try all types and continue along the progression.


This progression will occur gradually during a lifetime and more radically between lives. Because a body is generally a combination of types, each aspect will move in its particular progression. For example, in a Lunar‑Martial type, the Lunar develops in the direction of Venusian and the Martial develops in the direction of Jovian. So, later in life and in the next life, this body type would progress towards Venusian‑Jovian. Although this is the general rule, sometimes Essence will choose to retain one of the Body Types over several lives while progressing the other(s). Major life shifts are often accompanied by shifts in Body Type. Body Types also progress in fashion in each culture. A majority of women seen on television at this time are the Saturnian‑Solar type, but the fashionable type is now moving to Martial, as is seen by more aggressive and athletic energy in the media. In an earlier generation, small, thin, quick bodies (evinced by Fred Astaire) were in style. Before that, at the turn of the century, voluptuous Venusians were the rage.


By becoming aware of your Body Type with its corresponding strengths and weaknesses, you can work consciously to achieve balance. The way to do this is by drawing upon the positive qualities of the next progressive type and by pulling in the balancing influence of the complementary type (i.e., the body type on the same axis). For example, the Venusian, with its dominant parathyroids, has a tendency towards passivity and lethargy. It could draw upon the speed of the thyroid type, Mercurial, and the energy and passion of the adrenal type, Martial.


In order to be born a certain Body Type, Essence needs a certain amount of genetic material from the parents chosen for that particular lifetime. This accounts for the fact that many cultures are primarily one or two types. A person with Venusian parents would have a hard time pulling in a Saturnian body. It is possible, however, to move along the progression from one's parents, say from Venusian to Mercurial. In addition, the following complementary types are often born into the same family: Lunar and Saturnian; Mercurial and Martial; Jovian and Venusian. Solar types can be created out of Lunar stock, but it is a more difficult type to achieve. Older Souls learn a degree of genetic and energetic manipulation that allows them to alter or change their body types more rapidly.



Used often by Artisans and Scholars or for lifetimes of intellectual pursuit or creative, abstract thought. Lunars are governed by the pancreas and the lymphatic system which, in partnership with the liver, controls the digestion of food. Lunar types are subject to poor digestion. The "water" of the moon tends to quench the "fire" of the adrenal (Mars) system, making Lunars slower to react and more cool in their emotions.
The moon is the closest planetary body to the Earth and thereby the most affecting. The moon pulls on the water element. The influence of the moon makes the type particularly subject to lunar phases.
Luminous. Pale skin. Fleshy, round form. Moon‑faced. Poor digestion: lower tract, constipation. Develops slowly.
Passive. Patient. Tenacious. Sensitive. Imaginative. Maternal. Sympathetic. Receptive. Calm. Methodical. Solitary. Detail-oriented. Mathematical. Can have genius intelligence.
Moody. Introspective. Cold‑hearted. Uncommunicative. Willful. Unforgiving. Depressive. Destructive.
Examples: Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein, Mao Tse Tung, Freddie Prinz.


Works well with people and food. They are often good cooks and passionate lovers. The Venus type is ruled by the parathyroids, the glands which complement the thyroid by stabilizing the metabolism and producing calmness and adaptability.
Venus traditionally represents the goddess of love. Venus is a warm planet surrounded by an atmosphere of gases and clouds. Venus often appears to us as the embodiment of femininity: passive and loving, seeking harmony and peace. Part of the attractiveness of the Venusian is the aura of mystery, softness, and warmth that can surround this type.
Full‑bodied, voluptuous, soft, and warm. Large, often dark eyes. Hips wider than chest. Thick hair. Olive or dark skin. Wide feet and hands. Broad bones. Health generally good.
Earth Mother. Warm. Loving, kind, approachable. Easy‑going, friendly. In pursuit of harmonious relationships. Gentle, non-judgmental. Sensual. Love of pleasure. Extremely loyal. Appreciative of beauty.
Lazy, inert (lack of stimulus), overly passive. Vegetative. Indecisive. Blank, dependent on others. Careless, slovenly. Venusians will sometimes develop the emotions to the detriment of intellect. Overly emotional, lacking practicality.
Examples: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley (Venus‑Mercury), James Dean, Jean Harlow.


Ideal type for Sages. Mercury influences the thyroid gland which regulates combustion in the organism and therefore affects the speed of the whole mechanism. A strong thyroid produces quickness and nervous energy in a person, whereas a weak thyroid produces slow movements and tiredness. Mercurials at their best, are known for their cheerfulness, wit, good humor, and quick mental perception. Mercurials are also famous for their cleanliness and good grooming. They make good entertainers.
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and moves with the greatest speed. Traditionally, Mercury is associated with communication, speed, wit, and agility. Because of its proximity to the sun and Earth, the influence of Mercury is somewhat more visible than that of the slower‑moving planets. This is particularly true when the planet is poorly aspected or in retrograde, as this influences communication and mechanical devices.
Bright, clean appearance. Usually dark. Hair and eyes often dark, but less body hair than Venusians. Classically slender and quick moving (e.g., the messenger Hermes). Skin is darker than average, and unblemished. The limbs are long, slender, and agile‑looking. The Mercurial voice is often deep or resonant. This type will retain its youthful appearance.
Intellectually active and perceptive. Clever, versatile. Able to communicate clearly through speech. Clean, well‑groomed. Sunny disposition. May be quick to anger, but will not hold a grudge. Cheerful. Witty.
Inconsistent. Nervous. Impulsive, with the tendency for explosive crises. Self‑centered. Argumentative. Can be sarcastic, cynical, or hypercritical. Hypochondriacal.
Examples: Fred Astaire, Anwar Sadat, Napoleon I (Mercury-Venus), Mata Hari.


Often used by Scholars, Priests, and Kings. Saturn rules the anterior pituitary gland, which regulates the skeletal system and the function of abstract thought and reason. It is one of the dominant glands in the organism. The Saturnian type has good reasoning ability with a tendency to grasp the larger picture. This shows up as slow‑thinking and speaking, slow movements (thinking before moving). Saturnian types will often subtly dominate the environment with their presence. Saturnian types can suffer great hardship and depression; they can also be heartless and cruel. Uncle Sam is a classic Saturnian type. He knows what is best for you and the country—relating the part to the whole. Although Saturn is a masculine planet, the current ideal female model is a Saturn‑Solar machine: tall, thin, fair, ethereal, with an aura of entitlement mixed with fragility.
In classical astrology, Saturn, the ringed planet, takes the role of the teacher. Saturn can also be like a father figure, doling out lessons, restrictions and discipline. Saturn works well with abstractions, ideals, and profound thought. The type is constructive, patient, and reliable.
With the anterior pituitary influencing the development of bones, those who have this gland predominating will usually develop long bones and a large frame, a long head with prominent nose and jaw, projecting cheekbones and yellow teeth. Saturnian types tend to be tall, with a serious but gentle appearance. Saturnian types can be well‑balanced because the dominant gland keeps the other glands in good working order.
Self control. Leadership, diplomacy. Good natural leaders. Moderate, trustworthy, paternal. Great endurance. Humble and rarely aggressive. Close‑mouthed, secretive, tactful. Capacity for long‑thought and good memory.
Intellectually inflexible. Despondent, severe, aloof, condescending. Immutable. Overworked. Not forgiving of weakness. Self‑deprecating. Cynical.
Examples: Abraham Lincoln, Henry Fonda, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson.


Good for Sages and Priests in Dominance. Also good for action roles.



Traditionally, Mars, the Red Planet, is the god of war. The aggressive and passionate energy of Mars reaches the body through the adrenals, the glands of self-preservation. The slogan of the martian type is "fight or flight." The adrenals protect the organism by sending needed energy when the instinct is threatened. A predominance of adrenal energy produces an energetic individual, quick to self‑defense, passionate, with a strong sex drive. The traditional Martial is small, fierce, and warrior-like.



Among Caucasians: Red, pink, or fair skin, usually with marks, freckles, blemishes, or swarthiness. Red or strawberry hair. Among other races: Coloring different from the norm. Average or shorter height. Muscular, firm body. Round face. Eyes small, but intense. Small mouth. Very active physically, emotionally, and intellectually.



Decisive. Freedom‑loving. Direct, brutally honest. Strong leader in crisis. A defender of the weak. Vigorous, energetic, passionate. Highly sexual.



Easy to anger, rage and pugnacity. Over‑reacting. Overly defensive. Quarrelsome, brutal, rude, boisterous. Overhasty, lacking forethought.


Examples: Ryan O'Neal, Dwight D. Eisenhower (Martial-Lunar), John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart (Martial-Mercurial).


Good leaders, teachers, lovers of humanity. The Jovian type is often large and will metaphorically give off her own light by being able to support and educate a large number of friends and relatives who serve as satellites. The Jovian type is ruled by the posterior pituitary gland which influences maternal qualities such as the production of milk and bladder and uterus functions. Jovians tend to be maternal in their outlook whether male or female. Santa Claus and Falstaff are classic Jovians (and are quite jovial as well!).



Jupiter is the largest and most evolved of the planets, having the greatest mass and a large number of satellites. Jupiter is the only planet to produce its own heat and light. It is on its evolutionary step to becoming a sun. The type reflects these qualities in that it can be highly evolved in its appreciation of life, fondness of the arts, and compassion towards others.



Usually large, especially around the waist. Short, stout, with a large head, little body hair, including on the head, if male (with the exception of a thick beard). Fleshy, full-bodied. Large, short necks. Jovians prefer good wine and company, poetry, and philosophy.



Magnanimous, compassionate, generous. Kind nature, loyal, caring and maternal. Philosophical outlook. Breadth of vision. Well-directed mental powers. Knowledgeable in many areas. Good fortune. Sense of justice. Flair for languages. Mothering to all.



Subject to sudden change in interests of points of view over time. Self‑indulgent, extravagant. Conceited. Wasteful. Craving attention. Poor health, eyesight. Overweight. Over‑indulgent.


Examples: Orson Welles, J.S. Bach, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jovian-Martial), Falstaff, King Henry VIII of England, Oprah Winfrey.


Good for Artisans or creative lifetimes. Ruled by the thymus gland which governs the immune system and growth, especially for children.



Radiant energy. A mechanical example of the next, higher world, a world of suns.



Refined features, clear skin, slight figure. Child‑like, sometimes fairy tale, appearance. Subject to weak constitution and frailty. Poor digestion, upper tract. Weak respiratory system. Broad eyes. Slender or oval face. Looks younger than her age group.



Radiant. Creative. Lighthearted, cheerful. Elegant. Dignified. Fun‑loving. Child‑like. Innocent.



Aloof. Intolerant. Naive. Indiscriminate. Greedy. Androgynous.


Examples: Judy Garland, Michael Jackson (Solar-Mercurial-Neptunian influence).



Occasionally, Essence will choose to fall under the influence of the more distant planets, such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These influences would be used for more obscure Karmas. Although a body can be up to 30 percent of an unusual body type, Essence seldom chooses more than five percent.


Gland: Hypothalamus, Corresponds to Higher Emotional Center
These glands are associated with regeneration, inspiration, and imagination. Neptunian types tend to be dreamy, creative, and unworldly in appearance. The predominant Neptunian trait will be large, dreamy, saucer‑like eyes. This type is used for artistic creation and religious inspiration. Neptune types are remembered, and have an impact after their death.
Idealistic. Spiritual. Imaginative. Sensitive. Subtle. Artistically creative.
Deceitful. Diffuse. Impractical. Unworldly. Uncertain.
Examples: Anna Pavlova (Solar‑Neptunian) James Dean (Martial-Neptunian), Marilyn Monroe (Venusian-Neptunian). Angelina Jolie (Lunar-Solar-Neptunian)


Gland: Gonads, Corresponds to Higher Moving Center


The Uranus body type can be albino or have an unusual skin condition. This type has a large body or head, and is often bald or has unusual hair. Dwarfism is a Uranian influence. There is a natural drive toward fame in the Uranian type. This influence adds much energy and inventiveness. People with unusual physical characteristics have some Uranus in their makeup.



Independent. Original. Loathing restrictions. Strong‑willed. Versatile. Inventive. Sensuous. Humanitarian, good‑willed.



Eccentric. Ego‑maniacal. Rebellious. Abnormal, deviant or perverse, particularly in sexual behavior.


Examples:  Otto Preminger (Jovian-Uranian), Alfred Hitchcock (Lunar-Uranian), Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) (Mercurial-Uranian).


Gland: Pineal Gland, Corresponds to the Higher Intellectual Center


The energy of the planet Pluto is cold, calculating, and exact. The energy of Pluto is death and transformation. Nothing can exist there that is not exactly in place. Pluto types tend to eliminate anything that does not fit the scheme. They are emotionally detached, but intellectually brilliant and are aware of how things work together. They can be described as severe and cerebral. The Pluto type has an almost inverted, V‑shaped head. The forehead is larger than the rest of face. The eyes are very penetrating, seeming to notice what is going on around them, and somewhat unworldly looking.



Intellectually brilliant. Able to see the big picture. Transforming, able to evoke transformation in others. Able to see through deceptions or conventions.



Emotionally detached or aloof. Overly critical. Seemingly judgmental. Cruel. Intolerant with others and self. Invasive of privacy (by blowing others' cover).


Examples: Rasputin (Saturnian‑Plutonian), Rembrandt van Rijn (Saturnian-Jovian-Plutonian), Adolf Hitler (Martial‑Plutonian).

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