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Mike North is a 20 year student and channel of the Michael system. Most of his channeling work during that time was for family and friends while he was employed full time. Michael retired from a large telecommunications firm in 2004 and started channeling Michael full time in 2006. He now works with regular clients as well as co-channels the Wednesday group  and Tuesday telegroup sessions with JP Van Hulle. He specializes in channeling on business, politics, health and grieving; although he channels all components of the Michael system.


Mike has developed a system for removing stumbling blocks to business success using the Michael system. He works with large, small, and independent business owners and practitioners to increase productivity and prosperity.


Mike has three grown kids, and he and his wife Trish live in Dublin, CA.

For a channeling appointment:

Mike can be contacted at either (925) 786-5195 or (925) 236-2296.

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